I am Christine Rose this is another part of my world I want to share with you my other passion, my love, Music. Music took me since I was born, even at the age of three whereas I was a little kid, I sang and moved my body in my baby gestures and language way, my singing was a mix French, English baby gibberish.

I can sense all vibrations when music takes me I feel all fusions as though particles growing through my veins and my entire body, from head to toes I feel blessed by this delicious enchantment which keeps my body and soul soars, Music gained my heart and transported it in another dimension.

Dreams is not only a wish come true, it’s also sounds mixed with all rhythms all styles, there is not definitive style adopted all styles are guided by a divine light sprinkled on my path.
All music style are a language from soul, communicative and magic, music can be vector of different emotions and brings so much rhythmic variety, it’s the same flow of senses in the same state of mind when I write fairy tales, I feel transported by all the magic worlds exciting about the process and music creation makes me feel the same intensity, overwhelmed by emotions.

Dreams is not only an gathering of styles but it’s also a marriage between earth and heaven a feeling of grace and a blessing and all I feel in my life and all I want to share with people around the world.
Dreams is like a glowing light and stars through the nightly sky, an ocean, a mountain, an ethical and poetic inspiration, a vibration, a reflection of who I am. Thanks God for giving me the opportunity to be me” Christine Rose”, a dreamer attached by a spiritual message of love through my music creations, writing, tales, and singing , I also want to thank Michael Jackson he was the best artist of all the time the greatest and he will stay the King forever, he will be my role model eternally.


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